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"Barbara came out to measure and do the estimates, and it was nice to finally have a contractor who wasn't pushy. Closet Warehouse came out, gave me the number, and waited for me to contact them. Once we agreed upon a price, Juan and another installer came out to do the install. They did a clean, fast, easy install, and they were happy to come back to make adjustments. Since I had such a positive experience with the master closet install, I asked them to do the hall closet. Once again, Barbara came out, measured, and gave me an estimate. All looked good, so I scheduled Juan to install again. As he was drilling into the wall, he found mold. Rather than just continue the install, he stopped to tell us and asked what we'd like to do. I was very impressed that he didn't just continue the install to collect money for the company. So, thanks to Closet Warehouse, we have beautiful closets, and a soon to be mold-free house!"
– Hilary H., Los Angeles

"We recently bought a condo with relatively small closets. We needed closets that would make much better use of this limited space - a relatively tall order. We worked with Jerry from the Closet Warehouse for several weeks. He never once pressured us into doing the job - he came in, provided interesting ideas and a very clean, tight final design. We looked at some other companies who came in about the same or slightly higher with their estimate. Eventually Jerry's designs and general manner won out and we took the plunge. Two of the closets were pretty straightforward designs. The third closet required some minor demolition and remodeling. The new linen closet also required some demolition, removal of an existing cupboard and some wood floor work. So the final cost included this remodeling/contract. I gave the project an A because in the end we were very happy with the closets and the general quality of the work. Jerry and his assistant David worked hard and made sure they only billed us once we were happy with the result. The contractors did good quality work on the wood flooring and the closets were beautiful - miles better than what we had."
– Amer S., Los Angeles

"They did a total build out of a master walk-in closet. They were very professional. They did a great job with the design. The designer took the time to not only come out and see where the closet was going, but to come see what all was destined to be in the closet. She designed according to what we had and the space we wanted. The turnaround was one week. I would highly recommend them. They had a fair price, did a good job, this was high quality and they were very nice! They were a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely use them again."
– Michelle W., Pacific Palisades

"We were looking to install a custom, walk-in closet in our master bedroom. We met with several different closet companies, all the names you'd recognize. The way those national companies work is they send a completely inexperienced designer to your house who offers to design your closet on site. Three hours later, after they've sketched the whole thing out, they give you the hard sell and try to get you to commit to them right away. Even after you tell them you'll get back to them, these "designers" keep calling you once a week until you finally have to ignore/dodge their calls altogether. Barbara at Closet Warehouse had given us the best ideas and was $1,500 cheaper. The main job took two days. In the end, the final product was worth it. We absolutely LOVE the closet. The quality of the wood was excellent and the workmanship was fantastic. Looking at the finished product, we really couldn't be happier. Overall, Closet Warehouse is probably one of the best values out there and we will definitely call them again for our next closet!"
– Conrad C., Playa Vista

"I can't say enough about what an excellent job Fred Sefa and his installers did for us. Having bought a new house, we had only 2 days to get the closet in before the moving truck arrived. Fred originally scheduled a Saturday to meet our deadline, then moved other work to finish our job a day early. None of our neighbors have got a closet this packed with drawers, shelves, and hanging space. Fred's quote was almost half of our high bid, and they finished in a day and did excellent work. Everything fit like a glove. Wish we had the money to keep doing other closets now, and if we did I'd absolutely use Fred again. Highly recommended."
– John C., Aliso Viejo

"Dear Jerry,
Ann Marie and I would like to thank you for doing an excellent job in all four closets and the office. Your workmanship, design and creativity are excellent. You told us about your Better Business Bureau "AAA" rating… while others are "F"… was so invaluable. David, who guides the installation… to the excellent, hardworking installers who are so very special, like Juan (he wants my red velvet Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket). You can utilize my experience as extremely satisfied, and my house as your showroom (just kidding…ha-ha)."
– Edward K., Los Angeles

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